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Tanell Hernandez, owner of Zephyr Elliot is a talented, accomplished professional stylist who trained at Aveda Institute, a top beauty school in New York City, and at some of the leading men’s hair salons in midtown Manhattan. Her regular clients include celebrities and business leaders, artists, sports stars, and men in a wide range of occupations, of all ages and backgrounds, with all hair types.

Every client is different. But for each she has the same very particular approach to her work, informed by her studies in aesthetics, by creativity and attention to detail derived from her own background in musical theater, and by her commitment to a cut that is as compatible with a client’s needs and personal style as possible. She uses only the more difficult “scissors over comb” technique to give a natural looking haircut that is easy to maintain and will grow out well even over a longer than average time between appointments.. More


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Maureen began her career at age 16, working as the personal assistant to a prestigious hairstylist back in her home town of Glasgow, Scotland. It was there she developed both her exceptional skill as a precision hair cutter and her dark sense of humor. She broadened her perspective on fashion and styling as an inveterate traveler. Maureen lived and worked in Italy, Greece and the Canary Islands before settling in New York. She was part of the original team that launched a premier men’s midtown salon, where she spent more than 13 years growing the business, influencing the styling and cutting techniques of her team, and building a diverse clientele. Maureen is thrilled to begin her next chapter with Zephyr Elliot Men's Salon and looks forward to sharing her passion for men's grooming while curating an individual style for every client.


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Ashley’s passion for hair was sparked at a young age. After graduation from cosmetology school in 2004 she began her career in the city of Chicago. There she began working under top stylists and honing her craft to develop her knowledge and personal style. With an innately adventurous spirit and a willingness to always try something new, Ashley moved to Denver in 2009. It was there she discovered her love of men’s hair cutting and furthering her education with classes in men’s cutting techniques. Missing the hustle and bustle of a big city Ashley decided to move to New York in 2011. Working at a top men’s salon it didn’t take long for her to develop a following of clients that appreciate her attention to detail. Ashley prides herself on developing and maintaining close relationships and trust within her strong and loyal following. When she’s not in the salon Ashley enjoys traveling the world.